Shri Shivaji Education Society,Amravati's

Y.D.V.D. Arts & Commerce College, Teosa.
Dist. Amravati

Affiliated to Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, Amravati
Accredited 'C' Grade - NAAC, Bangalore

Department Of Marathi

About Department

The department of Marathi is one of the important Departments.of college Marathi is the main language of Maharashtra. It is the regional language and the state language. Is used Education, Administration and in practical life. Marathi is used in all fields. and in practical life. Marathi is used in all fields. The department runs the course in Marathi at undergraduate level. Apart from the academics, the faculty from the department constantly keeps motivating students for co-curricular, extra-curricular and social work activities. The teacher from the department is very keen on developing the overall personality of the students and therefore keeps them engaged in various activities run by the department. The faculty from the department is research oriented. Mr.C.G.Solanke, Head of the department, he has registered himself for Ph D in Devi Ahilya Vishwvidhylay University, Indore.He is the important faculty of the college who organized many Social activities of the college.


Our vision is to bring inspiration and innovation to every student that walks through this institution.Regional Traditions, customs, folk life should be introduced to the students. In order to inculcate moral values and social values in them, their values should be positive and their attitude should be positive. Increase comprehension, awareness of life, cultural heritage and folk life of Maharashtra. And Create opportunity to employment, job, administrative skills.


“Through the Marathi literature Inspires to create a better society and a useful citizen of the country by developing the personality of the students from within”.