Shri Shivaji Education Society,Amravati's

Y.D.V.D. Arts & Commerce College, Teosa.
Dist. Amravati

Affiliated to Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, Amravati
Accredited 'B' Grade - NAAC, Bangalore

Principals Desk

Dear students at the outset, I welcome you all to this academic feast. Education has a great social importance especially in the modern Complex industrialized society. Education Foster in the students qualities like integrity, honesty, trust, creativity compassion and to cultivate a scientific temper within the bonds of Humanism.

Due to education man can understand his talents and his responsibilities to strive for his personal growth and to make him valuable citizen. To become a successful person we must understand that there is no substitute for hard work. Honesty, devotion, dedication, sacrifice and innovative ideas are the essential requisites to achieve success. Education is the process of actualizing our talent divinity.

Education imparted in an environment of love recognition of individual differences and acceptance of the child strength and weakness. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence and character is the goal of true education Martin Luther King. Becoming educated is lifelong experience that can be on wheel unbelievable exciting exciting if only we wish to jump on the train experience and to take a trip to every considerable place on earth.

Aristotle said “ Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. Teaching always known as noble profession has had an exalted status in society and every era because as a teachers so a pupils. No wonder teacher are also known as role models. Teachers assume great responsibilities. He/She is not just there to touch the curriculum but also to become a friends philosophers and guide who the student look up two most important attribute is to love your job. An active teacher cares about providing fun opportunities to get Pupil moving. Commit a letter extra time for the benefit of student.

Such teacher need to explore her/his role understand it ant all accordingly. An active teacher involves all the students and encourages them to participate in all activities. He /she is not just an ondookes or a judge but participants in the activity as well. One can bring more life into the classroom by responding to the needs of the students as to whether the students have understood the topic well or not. He/ She need to have a positive and proactive approach towards teaching and not merely be tool to complete the syllabus.

Knowledge can be transferred from a teachers or a book to a student, has been proven inadequate. Traditional teaching is effective only for the reproduction of knowledge but not for order thinking skill, such as gaining in the application of knowledge or analysis. At the present time what is needed is proper and regular communication between the teacher and parents. Their guidance and support together can do wonders in the development of student. Parents also need to take responsibility of their wards home being the first School .

The abringing at home is equally important in the shapimg character of student and if support is render by parents the enthusiastic and active teacher work become easy. Active teacher help student to demonstrate process, analyze an argument or apply a concept to the real words situation. Good teachers always look out for student no matter what is the situation. He/She should treat their students as if they are their own kids.

So a lot of responsibility rest on the shoulder of those who have chosen the professions of teaching which is no longer a passive job. We intend not just impart knowledge to the students but also to instil in them - value broad wisdom, empathy and Humanitarian spirit. It can be stated that anything and everything good to that any nation in the word stand for is the sum total of values of people living in it. So if this is true then let us look at the our selves as a nation.

In a democracy like India we lack in character strong enough to overcome caste and religion differences to vote for the right person then how can be expect to see a change. So if as a nation we have strong character we will then have leader with Niskam Karma. Swami Vivekanand rightly said “no country is even great or good of its parliament but its men who where great and good”. Education is a best school active building to active long-term success in nation building through character building and only the thing we need is to re-alian.

Our national education policy to focus on core values and character building let me tell you there is no formulae that overnight we all will have to character. For it to happen each one of us will have to play our role so nation building is only possible through character building and let us try only preach but also practice as action peark Louder than words. We Plea to all students to be inquisitive in receiving new thoughts from environment, nature, teacher, parents, preachers and by meditation, contemplations to become a valuable contributor to the society. He ensure that our commitment attention, quality teaching and able guidance will transfer students into highly standard individuals and allegiance unity and nationalism.

We strain every nerve to impart and transmit the knowledgeous information, proficiency to your students, equipped with overall personality development so that they can not only endeavor any challenges but also enhance global academics with socio-economic profile.

It is a matter of Pride having a close rapport with you. The present academic scenario is undergoing a very fast alteration and also brought considerable change with respect to the academic context to large extents by inducting new concepts, theories on one end and improvement of other.

Our college is proud to offer a wide range of facilities to promote academics sports, culture, plethora of opportunity for overall of each student. We aim to create Holistic development of individuals who when launch in the global environment meet and face the challenges of life, bring peace, prosperity and progress for the better world to live in.

The institution is recognized 2f & 12b by UGC. We have gone through the second cycle of Re-accreditation in the month of September 2012. Towards one step ahead for excellence; the institution is preparing for the third cycle of Re-accreditation in tune with the stakeholders. With Best regards and welcome to this Academic Institution-where you can achieve the success for future life.

Dr. Hemant R. Deshmukh